Every hitter wants more confidence right? It’s probably the most common thing I hear as a Hitting and Mental Conditioning Coach. The problem is that while being confident is a much better mental state then being unconfident it still falls short of peak performance. Why? Glad you asked…

When a hitter is feeling confident they’re usually engaged in one of two mental activities. They are either remembering past success or imagining future success. Either way their thoughts are not on the present moment. When an athlete is in “the zone” or experiencing peak performance they are not thinking of past or future. They are barely thinking at all. Instead their focus in entirely on the present. Peak performance is born out of the present moment!

If you understand that peak performance is born out of the present them you’ll look at how you’re feeling in a completely different light. Our emotions are important for one very powerful reason. They are indicators to where our current focus lies. So if you’re not feeling confident that should be an indicator NOT to try to be more confident but rather to shift your focus back to the present moment. If you’re feeling extreme confidence that’s better than the alternative but just use that as an indication that you’re still falling short of maximizing your capacity. Again, use that emotion as an indication that you’re busy recalling past success or imagining future success. Once you’re aware of where your focus is then simply return it to the here and now. Over time this creates in us the skill of remaining completely present regardless of what might be happening situationally. As that skill is developed you’re setting yourself up to slip into the magical place known as “the zone” more frequently allowing you to maximize your abilities.

Instead of looking for ways to become more confident do yourself a favor and focus on being present. Use your emotions and your “Presence Indicator”. If you find yourself focused outside the present moment simply shift your full attention back to whatever is currently in front of you. Over time you’ll develop the mental muscle to remain in a state of peak performance regardless of what results you might be producing.

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