Ryan is a Mental Conditioning Coach & Professional Hitting Consultant based in Orange County, Ca. He works with top level athletes, corporations, and individuals looking to perform at an elite level. He uses a mindfulness based, process oriented approach to allow his clients to achieve greater performance, reduce stress, and gain more enjoyment out of their lives.

In addition to his work as a Mental Conditioning Coach Ryan is highly regarded Hitting Instructor. With over 20 years of experience he’s worked with hitters from every level of amateur and professional baseball. His philosophy focuses on all 3 aspects of player development. He uses cutting edge physical mechanics to help athletes develop both power and consistency as well as mindfulness based mental training to help develop the mental toughness necessary to perform to their highest capacity. He then helps his athletes develop an approach at the plate that will put them in the best position to achieve their goals. He is passionate about helping his athletes become the best version of themselves both on and off the field. 

As a former professional athlete and collegiate coach Ryan understands what it takes to perform and develop teams at the highest level. His techniques can help you or your team not only perform better but experience reduced stress and gain more enjoyment out of your sport, business, or any activity you might be engaged in.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, surfing, and spending time in the outdoors.


  • B.S. Exercise/Sport Science, Vanguard University of Southern California
  • Mental Conditioning Coach, Pacific University (Baseball, Softball, Soccer)
  • Hitting Coach, Pacific University (Baseball)
  • Mental Conditioning Coach, Ryan Dambach Performance (10 years)
  • Hitting Instructor, Ryan Dambach Baseball (16 years)
  • Hitting Coach, Vanguard University of Southern California
  • Professional Baseball Player, 6 Seasons
  • College Baseball Player, Vanguard University of Southern California