Mental Skills Coaching

In baseball as in life the biggest inhibitor to Peak Performance is what lies inside our own mind. Our ability to consistently repeat proper mechanics in game situations is directly linked to our mental state. In an effort to help you take your game to the next level I offer mental skills coaching via email and Skype.


Allow me to help you to…

  • Increase confidence and reduce fear of failure
  • Identify the habitual thought patterns that are inhibiting your performance
  • Feel more relaxed and peaceful helping you to achieve states of peak performance
  • Discover how to transfer your mechanics from practice into a game
  • Repeat your mechanics more consistently when it matters
  • Create a pregame routine that helps to maximize performance
  • Reduce or eliminate pregame nervousness or performance anxiety
  • Learn and master physical skills faster and more efficiently
  • Let go of past performances and play pitch to pitch
  • Gain greater emotional control during games
  • Increase your ability to handle “Pressure” situations and perform when it matters most
  • Experience more joy and pleasure out of playing the game you love


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