Mechanical Analysis

Proper mechanics are essential to maximizing your performance as a hitter. Mechanical deficiencies can not only inhibit power and consistency but also make certain pitches and pitch locations difficult or impossible to hit. In order to have a mechanically sound and repeatable swing a hitter must gain an understanding of how certain aspects of the swing might be impacting the swing as a whole.

In order to help you both understand what proper swing mechanics are, why they are important and how to develop and repeat those mechanics I offer in-depth mechanical analysis of your current swing along with tips and drills for correcting any deficiencies you may have.

Mechanical Analysis will help you…

  • Improve Posture to maximize strength, power, and consistency
  • Identify and correct areas of mechanical breakdown that are impacting your entire swing
  • Improve head stability to pick up the pitch easier, increase bat speed, and repeat your swing more consistently
  • Maximize your bat path to guarantee you’re taking the most direct path to the ball and ending up in your strongest possible position at contact
  • Increase hip separation to increase torque and maximize power
  • Maximize extension through the hitting zone in order to maximize power and consistency
  • Identify if the stride/load phase of the swing is sabotaging your mechanics

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