The Ego

If you’ve followed my blog at all then you know that in order to maximize our performance and play at our absolute peak then we must eliminate the mental, emotional, or physical resistance that inhibits our abilities. Sometimes it can become frustrating once you become aware of the thoughts and emotions that are limiting your potential. It can leave us wondering, “Where is all of this mental chatter coming from?”

The answer to that question is very simple. Our ego is the source of all our negative emotions and feelings. It’s that little voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough, causes us to become anxious during an at-bat, forces us to “try” in order to produce desired results, and creates the frustration that we feel when we don’t produce the hits we think we should. Our ego creates the mental and emotional resistance that in turn creates the physical resistance that breaks down our swing, causes us to become defensive at the plate, or causes us to feel less than confident during a game.

It’s amazing sometimes when you think about the things that run through our mind. We allow our ego to say things that we would never allow another person to say. Yet we always feel as though these thoughts that are coming from us and as such we begin to identify with our ego allowing it to become stronger which only causes it to fill our mind with more and more resistance.

In order to eliminate the resistance that inhibits your ability and to maximize your potential you must begin to separate yourself from your ego. Once you do you’ll begin to find that your mind begins to quiet and your performance on the field begins to become more easy and effortless. You’ll begin to be more focused on the present moment and as such will not only experience greater success on the field but you will gain greater joy out of playing the game.

So how do we do this? Well our meditation practice can certainly help but I’ve also found that what works for me is to view my ego as a completely separate person who is trying to prevent me from reaching my goals and living my life to fullest. As I understand it our ego feeds on energy. The more we identify with it and see it as “us” the stronger it becomes. By simply seeing it as separate you begin the process of separating yourself from it and ultimately draining it of its energy.

Whenever I begin to hear those negative thoughts or feel those negative emotions I like to talk to my ego as though it were a separate person. I’ll think things like, “I know that’s you ego, I’m not going to allow you to limit me.” What I’ve found is (especially recently as I began this practice) using this approach combined with my meditation practice has allowed my mind to become much more quiet and life and hitting have become much more easy and effortless. I’m accomplishing better results with half of the stress and effort and I’m able to enjoy whatever it is I happen to be doing. I’ve found that the inner resistance that I normally have is slowly disappearing and as such everything seems to slow down. During my hitting sessions the ball seems to be moving slower and looks much bigger, my swing feels easy and effortless, and the ball jumps off my bat.

This practice has not only benefited my hitting but also has extended into my daily life. I’m accomplishing more, feeling less stressed, and gaining greater enjoyment out of my day. I’ve become more present moment aware meaning that I’m completely focused on the task at hand. As such I feel like I’m getting so much more out of my day. Not just in terms of results and getting things done but the day seems to have slowed down. With each activity I engage in whether it be hitting, playing with my son, surfing, or writing this blog I seem to get the most out of each activity. Before I began this practice I would be working on one thing and thinking about something else. So while I might be playing with my son I couldn’t enjoy it completely because I wasn’t completely in the moment with him, I was thinking about whatever it was I needed to do an hour from now.

However, since I began this practice and gained a greater understanding of what the ego is and how it works I now spend more quality time doing whatever it is I’m doing and because the resistance I was experiencing has been reduced I’m producing better results at the same time.

Regardless if you’re hitting, pitching, playing in the infield, or performing the numerous number of tasks you perform throughout the day the key to peak performance is the elimination of mental, emotional, and physical resistance and be completely present. In order to quiet the mental chatter and ultimately eliminate the resistance you might be experiencing it’s important to separate yourself from your ego. Whenever you begin to think those limiting thoughts or feel those negative emotions know that it’s your ego’s attempt to prevent you from moving forward and becoming whatever it is you desire to become. Treat your ego as a separate person and you’ll drain it of its energy and ultimately eliminate the resistance that is preventing you from reaching your true potential.

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