Rudy J. Ledesma Jr.

As athletes we have a tendency to forget just how precious life is. We spend our time striving for better performance, looking for ways to improve, and aiming to obtain the college scholarship or to get drafted. We tend to forget just how lucky and blessed we are to have the opportunity to get up each day, live our life, and play this great game. It’s only when life slaps us in the face that we take the time out to reflect on the things for which we are grateful and maybe take a moment to stop striving and simply enjoy the gift of playing.

Unfortunately this past weekend life reminded me just how fragile it can be. In the early morning hours of Saturday September 24th 2011 my
 client of the past four years, Rudy Ledesma, was killed when he fell asleep while driving back to his dorm at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, Ca. Continue reading

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What Does it Mean?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve dusted off my old Tony Robbins cd’s and listened to one or two during my drive to work. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see Tony in person it’s an experience for sure. If you leave his presence unmotivated well… you’re just never going to get motivated. The guy has a gift for sure and he played an instrumental part in my early development of the mental skills I teach today. Tony’s words forced me to think and really drove me to look at things a different way. It’s largely because of this that I began to search deeper inside myself and come up with better answers to the questions I was having about how to improve as a baseball player.
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Investment in Loss

Currently I’m reading an excellent book by for Chess Champion and current Tai Chi World Champion Josh Waitzkin called The Art of Learning. For those of you in your mid 30’s or older you might remember Josh as the focus of the book and then movie Searching for Bobby Fischer. In the Book Mr. Waitzkin discusses principles that have allowed him to reach elite levels of mastery in two completely different disciplines.
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Tony Gwynn my Childhood Hero

Growing up there were 3 men that had a major impact on my life and who I have become as a man. Of course my Father and Grandfather are at the top of this list but surprisingly a man I never met isn’t far behind. I became a Tony Gwynn fan pretty early in life. I don’t really remember exactly when and I don’t really know how it came about. As probably the only Padre fan in Orange County, Ca I’m sure it was because he was the best player on my favorite team. I had no idea the impact he would eventually have on my life.
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Setting Mental/Emotional Goals for Peak Performance

Probably one of the most powerful tools I discovered didn’t occur to me until the very end of my playing career. Not really having mentors, so to speak, my career was very trial and error. It was me spending time alone trying to figure out how I was going to maximize my abilities as an athlete. As such many of the Aha moments that I had didn’t come until the very end of my career or in many cases came years after my career ended. What I didn’t realize was how the work I was putting in was going to have such a profound influence on my daily life.

My last season as a baseball player came in the Texas town of Laredo. I was there, playing in a brand new league, for a brand new team, at probably the lowest level of professional baseball. For me however, it didn’t matter. I was as excited as I would have been if I had been playing in Yankee Stadium.
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The Situational Hitting Mindset

Ugh! Situational Hitting!!! It’s the one aspect of hitting that most coaches work on more than anything and I have to say it destroys swings like you wouldn’t believe. Now don’t get me wrong I completely understand that winning teams are able to successfully hit and execute in the different situations that present themselves. Unfortunately, more often than not, it causes athletes to alter their mechanics, change their focus at the plate, and ultimately develop inconsistencies in performance.
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Myo’s, ELDOA’s, and Strength Training

Through out my playing and post-playing career I think I’ve tried just about everything from a strength training perspective to try to improve as an athlete. Everything from heavy lifting, olympic lifts, and “core” or “functional” training, to speed and agility training, ploy-metrics, kettlebells, yoga, and I’m probably forgetting a thing or two. Mostly my experiences have been rather consistent. I was, for the most part, a freak in the weightroom. I was willing to push myself harder than anyone I trained with and was rewarded with pretty good strength and a lean body composition, but unfortunately I never really saw those results translate onto the field.
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It’s Not About Being Positive, It’s About Being Present

Yesterday I was reading an article about a minor league player who I’m familiar with. This player had an outstanding amateur career at both the high school and college level and was able to parlay that success into becoming a first round draft pick. Unfortunately, he hasn’t as of yet lived up to the expectations that people anticipated when he was coming out of college. Even though his work ethic and level of commitment to his craft is second to none he still hasn’t been able to shed some of the early season struggles that seem to some what derail his seasons.

In the article he was being asked about his slow starts to which he replied, “I just try to go out to the field every day and stay positive.” Immediately I thought and posted on my Facebook page, “It’s not about being positive, it’s about being present.”
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